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Two print lovers, Jen and Donna, met at art school and instantly connected through a love of design, fabric obsession and shared frustration of not being able to find enough good clothing out there.  No-no's like polyester, skimpy and/or shapeless and unflattering fast fashion seemed to be everywhere and enough with the grey and beige already!

While Donna had been solving this problem by altering many a one-off vintage find, Jen started making her own and when family, friends and random women in the streets started asking for their own - Frock Me Out was born.

Our unique well-designed pieces are designed to bring wardrobe joy for years to come. We make clothing that is timeless in style, designed to make you feel good and made from a selection of exciting prints and gorgeous breathable fabrics.

Designed by FMO in Adelaide (Australia) and ethically printed and made in China

Our range is ethically printed and made in China using natural fibre based fabrics.  We work with a small scale enterprise in Jiangsu, China, who focus on quality fabrics and small scale production. 
They are SA8000 and ISO9001 certified and their skilled workers (aged between 30 and 50) are paid at four time the minimum wage and have a safe clean working environment, optional overtime and paid holidays. This studio is audited yearly by an independant agency (SGS).
We aim to visit several times a year to work with our talented team of makers - a practice that COVID is currently hindering!  We look forward being able to travel again soon... Meanwhile, we are making the most of our almost daily online contact as we continue to work closely together to create a considered and long-lasting clothing range.