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All Frock Me Out items are made from natural fibre based fabrics that are hand screen printed using water based dyes.  Small irregularities in the print are considered part of nature of the hand screen printing process and are not considered faults. All items are made to last and with proper care will provide many years of enjoyment!
All items should be washed (or hand washed) using only a cold, delicate cycle and dried flat in the shade.  Do not tumble dry.  Do not dry clean.
Organic Cotton Jersey and Cotton French Terry
Items made from organic cotton jersey or cotton french terry can tend to shrink in length when washed.  To prevent this from happening items should be reshaped when wet (stretch the item length-wise) and left to dry flat in the shade.
Viscose Crepe and Rayon
Items made from Viscose Crepe or Rayon will shrink when washed.  A hot steamy iron or steam will bring the item back to size.
Handmade Brass Earrings
We choose not to put (nasty) coatings on our brass earrings so they will begine tarnish over time.  If you prefer them to keep their shine, polish them with some toothpaste and an old toothbrush every now and then and they'll look as good as new!