Papua New Guinean Bilum Bags

Following a long-time love of unique hand-woven Bilum bags from Papua New Guinea, we are so happy to include them as part of our FMO offering.  This range has come about through a collaboration with family friend Joy Herea who lives in Port Moresby and supports bilum makers throughout PNG to sell their wares.


Bilum bags are an iconic and integral part of Papua New Guinean culture and the artisanal skill of bilum weaving is passed down by women from generation to generation.

Each bilum is a one-off work of art that can take weeks to weave and brings with it the story and inspiration of daily life and tradition.  Each design is an important story telling medium and carries deep symbolic meaning related to past stories, tribes, areas and cultural beliefs.  

Natural bilum fibre is made using the traditional technique of hand rolling plant fibres into twine over the knee and is dyed using natural pigments made from plants and ochres.  New and repurposed wool and acrylic yarn is hand rolled using the same technique to add strength and durability to the many beautiful and brightly coloured bilum bags that are made.
By purchasing a bilum you will not only enjoy a unique and practical piece of art for many years to come, you will also be supporting the women who weave them to achieve financial independence.